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HD 80w-90 GEAR OIL

Automotive Gear Lubricants

Trent HD Gear Oil HD 80w90 is a multi-purpose hypoid gear lubricants containing extreme pressure additives and a very shear-stable viscosity index improver in a solvent refined base oil, designed for use in automotive gear boxes and final drives. Ideal for vehicle gearboxes, Trent HD Gear Oil HD 80w90 performs well under shock load conditions and acts as a long-lasting buffer between mating metal surfaces and also offers high protection of gears.


Trent HD Gear Oil is recommended primarily for all manual gearboxes and final drives where a viscosity from within its wide ranges is specified and special anti-wear protection is required. It is particularly suitable for hypoid and spiral bevel type gears in commercial vehicles, buses, off-highway equipment and passenger cars operating in moderate to heavy conditions for effective gear protection.

The appropriate viscosity grade of Trent HD Gear Oil may also be used whenever one or more of the following other specifications indicates the quality of gear lubricant required.

trent lubricants oil barrels

Available to order in various sizes including 20 litre, 205 litre, 1,000 litre, and other sizes. Get in touch for more info and a FREE quote!

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