Trent’s range of Lubricants are designed to exceed the standards and provide the end user with a confidence that only comes from using a top quality product.

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Creative with oil since 1971

For various hydraulic systems that work under a wide range of operating conditions, we have our hydraulic oil product range. Typically, hydraulic oil is used to transfer power or pressure between 2 components using hydraulic pumps and hoses. It has several functions beyond just transferring power though, as the hydraulic lubricant has to operate under a range of temperatures and cold weather conditions whilst keeping operating temperature stability, maintaining pressure and it's anti-wear properties. Selecting the right flow properties and viscosity grades is a priority for us, as we develop the very highest quality base oils and additive package that can meet the range of applications they're intended for. With additive technology, each of hydraulic fluid products is sure to deliver peak performance and extend the life of your hydraulic components with protection against wear and corrosion protection for hydraulic machinery.

Our team at Trent Oil Lubricants deliver innovative oils and lubricants for all fields and applications. For over 50 years, the team's research and development of leading hydraulic power oils has meant our customers receive the very best product and anti-wear protection, with excellent customer service for their hydraulic equipment. Get in touch today to place your oil lubricants order.

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