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Manufacturing a new range of construction oils

Project Background

When we were given an opportunity to trial our Mould Oils at a Block Plant, we firstly looked upon our current range. After an initial trial using our thinnest product, the results don’t show any real benefits. However when we listened to the engineer and reflected on his requirements we were able to create a new oil which has now become their oil of choice, and it’s supplied at a more competitive rate as the oil they used to use.

Our Solution

We have always been competitive for what we do, however with our constant vidulence when sourcing our base oils combined with our ability to blend and redesign new products, we feel that we can create products that are as competitively made as anything on the market, providing we are up against products of a similar quality. Unfortunately the UK market is not entirely free from products that are flawed in their integrity.

Following an enquiry from a current customer we were asked to produce a new oil which had to be more competitive. Again we looked at the formulation, in altering the viscosity by a small amount and not enough to alter the performance in this situation, we could but more competitive.

We have marketed this new Construction Oil which is proving to be a success with new customers.

Trent Oil began working with Nottingham Trent University in order to help develop our range of Construction Oils. We have since then taken on Neelam Iqbal on a full time basis to concentrate on our quest to become a world player and take centre stage in the supply of Construction Oils in the UK.

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