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Engine Oil

Trent’s range of Lubricants are designed to exceed the standards and provide the end user with a confidence that only comes from using a top quality oil lubricant product.

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Creative with oil since 1971

With suitable options for both diesel engines and petrol engines, Trent Oil Lubricants have developed advanced motor oil and performance engine oil products with antiwear additives that will improve the fuel efficiency of most engine types. Our quality engine oils include a wide range of dispersant additives that will help specific engines run at their best! Lubricity in your engine, using Trent Oil Lubricants, means prolonged engine life, with reduced wear and corrosion.

Our team at Trent Oil Lubricants deliver innovative oils and lubricants for all fields and applications. For over 50 years, the team’s research and development of leading oils has meant our customers receive the very best product, with excellent customer service. Get in touch today to place your motor oil lubricants order.

engine oil suppliers