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Fully synthetic, fuel saving engine oil for many Ford vehicles.

Turbofleet 5W-30 NFC is a fully synthetic multigrade engine oil formulated with highly refined synthetic base stocks and the very latest in advanced additive technology. The carefully selected components combine to provide the user with improved fuel economy benefits, greater robustness to fuels containing increased levels of biodiesel and superior soot handling properties. This highly stable, stay-in-grade product allows extended oil drain intervals to be achieved.


Turbofleet 5W-30 NFC is the ideal choice in many normally aspirated and turbocharged petrol and diesel engines designed to use a fuel saving engine lubricant. In particular, Turbofleet 5W-30 NFC can be used in all Ford diesel engines (except Ford Ka TDCi 2009 onwards and Galaxy 1.9 TDi 2000-2006). It is strongly recommended for use in Transit models (2012 onwards) carrying the 2.2 Duratorq TDCi engine where only WSS-M2C913-D lubricants can be used.


Available to order in various sizes including 20 litre, 205 litre, 1,000 litre, and other sizes. Get in touch for more info and a FREE quote!

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