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Premium heavy duty grease

Trent HD Graphite Grease is a premium quality grease specifically designed for heavy duty applications where adhesion, shock loading and good corrosion protection is required. It has been proven ideal for use on bucket pins on heavy earth moving equipment, fifth wheels, crane slews, wheel bearings, and also as an assembly and running in compound.

Using natural graphite as a graphite lubricant offers good thermal conductivity, allowing heavy duty equipment to disperse heat more efficiently and provide better protection against wear for efficient operation. It also delivers excellent corrosion protection. It’s also a great electrical conductor, so suitable for electrical contacts.

Graphite grease, also known as graphite lubricant or graphite paste, is a lubricating substance that contains a suspension of graphite particles in a thickened grease or oil base. Graphite, a form of carbon, is an excellent dry lubricant with unique properties that make it suitable for certain applications.


Trent HD Graphite Grease can be applied by swab, or by using a standard grease gun (400gm cartridges are available). Due to the high lubricating solids content Trent HD Graphite Grease is not recommended for use on anti-friction ball bearings.

Common uses for graphite grease include lubricating the threads of screws and bolts, as well as lubricating moving parts in machinery for construction, agriculture, automotive, and industrial.

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