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In addition to our highly regarded Trent brand, we're proud to design and manufacture the premium Star™ range of neat cutting oils.

Our partnership with Star Micronics means that all our customers can expect the quality of oil lubricants to exceed their needs and expectations. Only through our close relationship and ability to develop new high quality products has this synergy been possible. We are particularly proud of this partnership as it demonstrates our commitment to excel in our market place.


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Trent Lubricants delivering high quality oils around the UK
Our company

Trent Oil are an independent, family owned oil lubricant manufacturer, supplying one of the largest product ranges of quality oils and lubricants across the UK, Europe and around the world.

Established in 1971, we’ve maintained steady growth, developing a worldwide reputation as leading oil, greases, and oil lubricant suppliers, as well as being leaders of lubricant industry standards. Together with our research and innovation programmes in performance additives for advanced lubricants, and constant customer driven product development, we'll make sure any company can turn to us for their oil and lubricant requirements.

Interested to learn about our wide range of lubricants? Get in touch to find out more about our competitively-priced oil lubricants.

The ever-changing needs of our customers is what drives us to meet new commercial demands whether that's for automotive lubricants, lubricants for hydraulic equipment, lubrication of machine tool, metalworking fluids, compressor lubricants, or something else. As independent lubricant manufacturers and suppliers, it's our goal to deliver an extensive range of products, with the best additive technology that will protect metals from corrosion with great resistance to oxidation, and perform under extreme pressures to reduce surface friction and heat transfer.

Trent Oil Ltd provide our customer base with a range of high quality, cost effective neat cutting oil backed up with excellent after sales support. Their ‘customer first’ ethos exactly mirrors ours, that’s why STAR GB continue to partner with Trent Oil.

- STAR Micronics GB Ltd