Water Soluble Boron & Formaldehyde Free Metalworking Fluid

Trent Cool 6534 is a high performance micro-emulsion ideally suited to all operations where high surface finish quality and high lubrication is needed. Trent Cool 6534 is manufactured using the very latest Boron and Formaldehyde free technology to meet with recent and future legislation regarding the use of biocides.


Trent Cool 6534 is the ideal choice for general purpose machining applications. Recommended for all machining operations on steel, cast iron and aluminium alloys offering
unrivalled cutting performance in these manufacturing applications. Trent Cool 6534 is inherently suitable for application where water hardness ranges from 170-340ppm
(17-34°TH, 9-19°dH).


Available to order in various sizes including 20 litre, 205 litre, 1,000 litre, and other sizes. Get in touch for more info and a FREE quote!

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