Water Soluble Formaldehyde Release Biocide Free Metalworking Fluid

Trent Cool 7500 is a high-performance Formaldehyde release biocide free, semi synthetic water-soluble metal working fluid designed for arduous machining applications where foaming can cause concern. Trent Cool 7500 is a medium oil content product with EP additives giving superb machining performance in the toughest machining operations.


Trent Cool 7500 is an advanced, high lubricity metal removal fluid specially formulated for machining of a wide range of materials including aerospace aluminium alloys, high-alloy steels, stainless steel, composite materials, titanium, and yellow metals. Trent Cool 7500 is an extremely robust coolant which provides extended service life in the most
difficult conditions. This product is inherently suitable for application where water hardness ranges from 50-750ppm (5-75°TH, 2-41°dH).


Available to order in various sizes including 20 litre, 205 litre, 1,000 litre, and other sizes. Get in touch for more info and a FREE quote!

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