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join us at the MACH 2024 exhibition

MACH 2024 Exhibition

Trent Oil Ltd are pleased to announce that we will be attending MACH 2024 at the Birmingham NEC…

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additives and lubricating oils

Understanding the Role of Additives in Lubricating Oils

In the world of lubricating oils, a critical player often works behind the scenes – additives. These additives…

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the importance of wet lubricants for machinery

The importance of wet lubricants for machinery

Wet lubricants, including oils and greases, are fundamental to the efficient and reliable operation of machinery across a…

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oil lubricants

The Essence of Quality Oil Lubricants: A Guide to Optimal Machinery Performance

In the world of machinery and engines, the role of oil lubricants cannot be overstated. They serve as…

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Trent Oil Lubricants

Selecting the right oil type for your air compressor: a comprehensive guide

Choosing the correct oil type for your compressor is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. Using the wrong…

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construction oil suppliers and manufacturers

What is mould release oil or mould oil?

Mould oils, also known as release agents or mould release oils, are substances utilised in the manufacturing &…

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